Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Finals Breakfast

It's finals time.  That means it's finals diet time.  Nothing too green, lots of bacon, and spiked coffee.  So, this morning I made two breakfast sandwiches and some spiked coffee.

I start with two toasted English muffins cut in half and with pimento cheese.  I make my pimento cheese with cream cheese instead of mayo, and add various peppers (Scotch bonnet, habanero, jalapeno, and the obvious pimento).  

Next, pan fry some thinly sliced pork belly (basically uncured bacon).

Drain access grease.

Next fry some eggs.



Do some lazy-ass plating with sambal oelek aioli (AKA: Samurai Sauce). 

Meanwhile, brew some coffee.  I used some whole bean Honduran coffee I was gifted.  Grinding your own beans is so much better.  Using a non-blade grinder is so much better.  Using a Chemex (http://www.amazon.com/Chemex-6-Cup-Classic-Series-Coffee/dp/B0000YWF5E) is so much better.  But sometimes you can only be so snobby about things in life.  I think I've reached that point (for now), so I just use the refillable K-Cup for my Keurig.  Also, we're spiking this so it's not that important.


After brewing the coffee, add the magic.  We're trying to be happy and productive, not buzzed.  So I stick with low ABV liqueurs/amaros/cordials and a few dashes of bitters.  Maybe have one total ounce of booze for a whole cup of coffee.  I used:

1/2 oz Amer Picon
1/4 oz Amaro Ramazzotti
1/4 Luxardo Maraschino 
3 dsh Fee Brothers Orange Bitters

Breakfast is served.


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